How dare I?
Forget thee
In the numbered days I have
Which count day by day
Like the drops of acid
Dripping from the burette
Arms akimbo thou stand
With thee heart
Filled to the brim

With love and determination
To see me cross the hurdles of life
And all obstacles
Transforming into stars
To lightened up my way
As I emerged to the limelight

How dare I?
Be ungrateful to thee
If I should forget thee
For a microsecond
In my heart body and soul

Thy remembrance
Is the hot fluid
Gushing from my heart
To my arteries veins and capillaries
Till the day when I
Would be laid to rest
In six feet below

No matter what level
Of Greatness and Achievement
I attained to
It is a decreed destiny
But you are the ladder
That stand firm
With thee legs
Resisting all frictions
To see me climb high and higher

If not that the sky
Is bound to be my limit
Never shall thou relent
On thy effort
To see me flying
With flying colours
To the infinite height
How dare I?
Not appreciate thy effort


This poem is written for and dedicated to my beloved mother, may Allah grant her Aljannah Firdaus. There is one in this world like my mother. I love you but Allah, loved you more. Rest in peace my beloved mother. I will continue to make you proud.

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