I have never known,
I would fall again,
Into the Ocean,
The deep blue Ocean of Love,
After my heart
Had been rented asunder,
And my spirit shattered.
Yet on seeing thee,
I drew a veil
Over the days of yore,
Haven seen the remedy
To my ruptured heart
A drop-dead damsel,
With an alluring name:

Dumb did I become,
Unable to let her know
How my blood-pump pound for her
And my arms long to have her
Not even an inch away from her

I remained speechless,
Till I was taken unawares,
By the brusque School Calender.
“It’s time up!’ says it.
And slammed it’s door at my face.
Alas ! Alas!! Alas!!!
Have to wait for a century of hours,
Before I behold the Queen of my Heart.

I will prove the Lovers’ Theory:
“Out of sight;
Is never out of mind”
And with a swift dash,
I would made to her,
When the gate
Shall be re-open
To let her know,
How my love for her,
Had set my heart ablaze.

Oh! My Lord, My God.
So much have I,
Prayed hard to You
Even that it wasn’t
For ages, I have met
This gorgeous servant of Thee:
To bring us to the day,
When the sweet honey moon,
Shall shine above our roof
And I shall have the sole right,
To kiss this beautiful Rose,
And wrap her in my arms,
To sense her nice sweet scent.

Oh! My Love, My Zainab,
I prayed,
‘Tis the same with thee.


I wrote this poem when I was in the University and I was in love with one of my classmates named Zainab. C’mon no comments! Just read the poem and pass by! You have a comment? I will appreciate it.

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