I am called Aids
When I offer no Aid
How dare I?
I the mother of all agonies
To an abrupt end
Do I bring
The life of the harlot
And I spare no effort
To put asunder among unfaithful
I orphaned the foetus in the womb
Before he arrives
To await the penalty
Of which he was innocent
For no judge can set him free
From the scourge of my venom

Do not bother to use the sheath
As I always come with my shield
To bring thee everlasting sorrow
After the climax of the momentarily pleasure

The shared blades and needles
The unsterilized scalpel and clippers
The unscreened donated blood
And the manicurist ‘for-all scissors’
Are my disciples
Who spare not even the chaste

I am not destined to deal with the destitute
But to prosecute the prostitute
And to drag the promiscuous
To the eternal end
I adore the youth
That indulges in premarital affairs
For I do not hesitate
To see them date with death

I spread like wildfire
To eradicate the human race
For I am the sole winner in this race
At the fixed hands of the moment
No cauldron concoction
No medical medication
Can outwit me
Till death do us part


This is a poem written in the same style as Abiku poem written by Wole Soyinka. Here we also have AIDS bragging but indirectly it is an awareness on how to avoid getting infected with HIV/AIDS. You have something to say please drop a comment. Thank you.

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